Future Stars of TVB?

Who do you think will be the future stars of TVB in the next 10 years or so?
Everyone can tell that TVB is currently promoting Raymond, Ron, Bosco, and Kenneth to be the future Big Brother Siu Sangs while Myolie, Linda, Tavia, Bernice, and Kate will be the future Big Sister Fadans, but who will they promote as the next tier? The people I list are based on the type of roles they are given, promotions and opportunites that are given to them, and my own personal opinion. This does not reflect who I like or think deserve a chance, but more of who I think TVB want to push up. I'm also only listing TVB contracted artists since you know others won't really get as big of a chance!

Future Siu Sangs?
There are a lot less guys that seem to be promoted compared to the ladies. For one, there is an over abundance of females that TVB seems to contract just because of all the pageants, while Mr. Hong Kongs do not really seem to gain as much attention (especially since most of them just seem like beefcakes with no personality- Sorry Rocky!). There's also a lot less guys since they usually pair up the older guys with younger females. That's why you see Myolie pairing up with Sunny Chan and Linda and Tavia pairing up with Steven Ma and etc. It's not as hard to promote guys even if they are older; for example, Michael Tse is 41 but he only recently started to be really promoted and receive lead roles.

Matthew Ko

Of all the Mr. Hong Kongs, I think he is the only one who has a chance of making it. The others have heavy thick accents, that unlike Miss Hong Kongs, they aren't even given a chance to do any hosting. Though Matthew is still stiff in his acting, he is making (really) small improvements with each role that he is given. I've never heard him sing but I remember watching a clip of him playing the piano and he seems really talented in that aspect.

Jason Chan

I think Jason is really cute when you see him acting but he seems to take really bad pictures. In them, he always reminded me of an uglier version of Raymond Lam! Other than that, I've only seen him act in Pages of Treasures but I think he started off as hosting. His acting is only okay but it should be easier to work on his fluidity of his speech since he doesn't have an accent that would get in the way. After seeing him act, I think that he has a lot of charm and potential!

Wong Cho Lam

He is easily one of the better actors and a favorite of TVB audiences, but the only thing holding him back is his height. I think he's really cute and quirky but I don't think he would ever achieve leading man status unless there are roles specifically written for him. Despite this, he is very cherished by TVB and I can see him following in the path of Eric Tsang to be one of the main hosts for all of TVB's big events.

Edwin Siu

I don't know if he was ever signed to TVB before since he acted in Aqua Heroes a long time ago, but ever since acting in TVB series again, it seems like TVB is already on the fast track of promoting him. He already had a big role in When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West and was cast in the ratings-guaranteed DIE2. Also, in his first year, he already has a spot on the TVB calendar! I think he's handsome, a good actor, and has the built of a leading man. He's also in his early 30s which can mean that he can be paired up with both the young and more established fadans without look ridiculous. I wouldn't be suprised to see him a leading role within the next 2 years.

Lai Lok Yi

I wasn't sure if I should put him in this list since he's been around for a long time and has been promoted before, but he still has not established himself as a leading man. His acting is pretty good, even though I know other people may disagree, but he just has not had a good breakthrough role. He's still young so he has a lot of time but hopefully he gets the recognition he deserves soon.

Future Fadans?
There are a lot more in this category since most of them come from beauty pageants as I mentioned earlier. That's why it's hard to narrow it down because at different points, it seems like certain younger actresses might be getting a chance just to go back to tiny roles in the next series. TVB also seems to want to push their ladies when they are still young so that when they reach closer to 30, they would be more established and begin to take leading roles. That's why I'll only put newer actresses- ones that have only been around the last 5 years or so. Otherwise, there would be an even longer list. Because of this, I decided to leave Nancy Wu out since she's been acting for a long time and I think with her recent Most Improved award, I would not be suprised to see her in a leading role soon!

Aimee Chan

She's actually one of the Miss Hongs that I really like, instead of having to warm up to. It might seem silly but I admired her that she willingly cut her hair so short! For girls, I would say that's a big deal just because it's a vanity issue and a lot of people don't look good in short hair. I like actresses who sacrifice their looks for a role, even though she still looks good in the short hair. I think she looks very pretty with the long hair and the new hairdo makes her look both mature and still young at the same time. Her acting is a little exaggerated with her voice and actions but as I watch her more in Off Pedder, I can see that she is working on toning it down. It's also obvious that TVB sees her as more than just a pretty face since she was put in with more established actors in the TVB calendar and not put be put to be blended in with the other girls in swimsuits. She's also paired up with Bosco Wong in Burning Flames 3 and that's a lot of exposure and a big jump since she's the second female lead behind Myolie!

Yoyo Chen

If you read my blog, you can tell I'm already a fan, but I'm optimistic that TVB will promote her in the upcoming years. They have to promote a girl that doesn't come from beauty pageants right? Her acting is really good, her crying skills are good, and she's pretty. Too bad that there is just so much competition for female roles so I hope that one she will get a breakthrough role. She's supposed to take on an evil role in Palace Scheme but it's going to be hard to shine since everyone on that series, other than Charmaine, will get an evil role!

Fala Chen

Fala currently gets a lot of good roles and is greatly supported by Stephen Chan since she has already won Best Supporting Actress. I see a lot of success in her future since she is gorgeous and will bring in a lot of advertisements which translates into money. I do like her but I can't really imagine her really being the lead to carry a series, but more in main supporting roles. I think what gets in her way, as well as a lot of other actors and actresses, is that she does have an accent which also affects how her lines are read. I think her acting is okay, with having a breathrough in Moonlight Resonance, but that's only because she didn't have to speak. I think that role was good for her since she had to work on showing her emotions through her face than her words.

Selena Li

Selena already gets a lot of big roles so my prediction is that she will get the Most Improved award next year. She will also be in Palace Scheme in an evil role so the exposure would be good for it but she doesn't even need it. I would say that she is more of a mini-fadan right now since she hasn't been in the business as long but her acting is already pretty good and she doesn't need that much help in getting lead roles.

Grace Wong

Yes, I know we haven't seen how her acting is since her first role is in The Grand Entrepreneur, but there are signs that TVB will be promoting her. Even though she was the second choice for the role since it was first offered to Bernice Liu, it's still a big move since all the big stars are in it! Ever since winning Strictly Come Dancing, her popularity has improved and is seen in a lot of TVB events as one of their main headline dancers. A bigger sign is that she recently paired up with Ron Ng to dance AND sing with him in the Miss Chinese International Pageant and the recent Chinese New Year special and her singing is not bad! If you are paired up with any of the younger siu sangs, it probably means that they might soon be paired up with them on the tv screen as well. If that prediction comes true, you know that means she will get bigger roles!

Tracy Ip/ Queenie Chu

These are 2 that are very questionable to me. For one, these are 2 of the "actresses" that I really don't like and hope that they don't succeed. It might seem like there are others I don't like such as Kate since I don't like her singing but I acutally still support her since she seems like a hard worker. Tracy is a horrible host and her acting is just as bad. Any time I see her act, no matter what role it is, it just seems like a whine any time she starts to talk. Queenie will have her first big role in Superwoman along Ada Choi but her acting is only average at best too. She is pretty though. Why do I dislike them? Even though I know I shouldn't believe everything I read, I believe the negative things I read about them. Tracy recently made news by supposedly making a lot of money in the stock market to buy herself a few mansions. I don't believe any of it since it takes either a lot of brains or luck to win big in the stock market, but I don't think she has either. Sadly, there is an ugly side to the entertainment business where actresses hook up with wealthy guys for their money and that's probably how she got all that money. When reporters would ask other tvb artists, most seem reluctant to comment and none would stick up for her, meaning that she doesn't have that many friends in the entertainment circle. Also, with the recent financial crisis, shouldn't it mean that she would have lost a lot of money? Queenie was actually the third party in a relationship with Joey Leung and breaking up his relationship with Margret Chung. She blamed it on recently moving to Hong Kong and not being current with Hong Kong news. I blame it on her being naive and stupid. She's also currently rumored to have gotten the 2nd female lead in Superwoman because she flirted with the director or producer of this series. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt in that one but I can't really say she deserves big roles based upon her acting.

What do you think? Who would you add or remove from the list? There might be some that I left out by mistake or intentionally but there are just too many "actors" out there.


bbfreak said...

I guess I might be thinking ahead...but i'm including some ppl from the new NEW generation on my list (some of these ppl aren't who i'd pick but seem to be making it)

my picks: him law, fred cheng, oscar leung, oscar chan

Oks: chris lai, jason chan, matt yeung, eric li, vin choi (the last 3 probably get to be the bad boys since those are the roles they play)

will be promoted: benjamin yuen, matthew ko, kelvin leung

girls: Nancy Wu, Yoyo Chen, Sharon Chan selena, (they better be promoted!)
OK: natalie, queenie
others: vivien, suki,aimee, grace, charmaine li

and so many more pageant girls ....

bbfreak said...

forgot to add Elaine Yiu to the Oks...

btw love reading ur posts !

Lee said...

I haven't noticed Jason Chan in any of the series that he filmed (and that I watched). He's not as noticeable (to me) as the other future siu sangs.

And for your comment on Fala Chen "...but that's only because she didn't have to speak." She still had to dub for the series, even if she wasn't "speaking." And she did improve so much on her Cantonese.

"...so my prediction is that she will get the Most Improved award next year." I'm beginning to think that she will suffer the same fate as Bernice Liu. After so many years, she still doesn't get the Most Improved award. But I'm glad she gets (and is getting) good roles.

As for Tracy Ip and Queenie Chu, I don't think they will get promoted as much as the other five you mentioned.

AC said...

bbfreak- I was going to put Sharon Chan but she's been with tvb for a long time too. is it me, or do they seem to put her in more hosting roles now? I wonder if they're going to move her in that direction since she's not getting as many big roles? Also, for the guys, I was thinking of a lot of your picks for the guys, but I wasn't sure if they were all contracted with tvb. i really like them too! is oscar chan the same guy as fred cheung? I tried to google him since i'm not sure who he is and that's who i got.

Lee- I think Fala did improve in her Cantonese; I was trying to say that since she didn't have to concentrate on her lines, she was able to improve her facial expressions and gestures =). It's weird, but when she (and Bernice) sing, you would never know they have an accent! Even though I think Selena might get the Most Improved next year, I agree that there's also a big chance she might not since I don't know if she's supported by any of the big tvb execs? Also, I see that they're changing around the definition for Most Improved (for the younger newcomers) to those who had a big jump in popularity. That's why Derek Kwok got nominated after a bunch of years!

bbfreak said...

hey AC, oscar chan kwan is this guy: http://asianfanatics.net/forum/lofiversion/index.php/t108444.html

he was in a lot of tvb series... he was the rival of Him Law in your class or mine... he's been in so much i don't remember a particular role....

AC said...

Thanks bbfreak- I think was confusing them because they both have baby faces to me! =)

Anonymous said...

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