Singers on TVB (Part 2)

In a continuing evaluation of how singers acting in TVB dramas did, here are some more of my opinions.

Ella Koon
She was so lucky that Elaine Yiu did such a horrible job as a villian in this series that it probably overlooked how well or bad she did in Revolving Doors of Vengeance. Her debut was actually not bad. She's a very pretty girl who matched well with Ron in her first series, but that's all I remember of her in that series. She did a lot better as the spoiled princess type in Survivor's Law 2 and had cute chemistry with Kenneth Ma. She seemed to have a lot more confidence in her second series and I think she has more potential in acting than in singing because nothing seems to stand out with her voice either. I never really hear anything about her singing career and it seems like TVB brought in more attention for her. I actually think she can have a pretty decent career with TVB because she has charisma.

Toby Leung
I actually did not know that she started out in a girl group with Macy Chan before she went solo! She's more well known for being the daughter of the TVB producer/executive Tommy Leung. I actually don't mind that she got her start because of her connections since I think it's harder for people to take her seriously, so I'll just judge her on her acting and singing. She has a pretty pleasant voice, but nothing memorable. I think she did have a slightly successful debut solo album since she won a few awards. Looks wise, she looks pretty in kind of a plain way because the first time I saw her in Men In Pain, she was very plain, but when I see her at different awards ceremonies, she can look pretty elegant. As for her acting, she does need a lot of improvement but I do see potential. I'm not sure if she studied overseas but her speech sounds like chinese is not her main language. Her crying skills are pretty bad because it's more of a scream and not so believable. Even though I'm listing her faults, I do see improvements from Men In Pain to her more recent series: The Money Maker Recipe in a more fluid speech and more natural reactions. I'm interested in seeing how she acts in an ancient series because that would really test her acting. When I see her in clips, I see her as someone really friendly, so that might affect how I think of her! On the other hand, I think Macy Chan is a pretty good actress!

Vincent Wong
Vocally, I think he has a pleasant voice and I like his duets with Myolie. Other than that, I do not like this guy! I don't know what made TVB cast him in his first role in War Of In Laws as someone who's good looking enough to be a model, because he is not. This might sound mean but he is not cute at all and his facial features seem like they are all smushed in the middle. I thought maybe he had to be annoying since his role was to be a cocky rich guy but his acting is the same when he's playing a different character in Your Class or Mine. Some people's acting seem effortless, his seems like he doesn't give any effort.

*Note: In this picture, he doesn't look that bad, but I just don't like this guy!


Lee said...

Although Toby Leung is a singer, I find her voice somewhat kind of weird. I was watching "Marriage of Inconvenience" just not too long ago, and honestly, I'm not fond of her voice at all (same goes for her acting). One moment, it sounds scratchy and the other it sounds dull. Although I haven't heard her singing, just her voice wants me to keep away from her songs."Her crying skills are pretty bad because it's more of a scream and not so believable." LOL, I so agree on that! "...his facial features seem like they are all smushed in the middle." Sounds harsh, but I have no good feelings towards him whatsoever, so it doesn't really affect me, and my thoughts.

AC said...

Haha.. I would say her singing is better since it usually disguises any accents. here's a link to a youtube clip of one of her mv's if you want to check out her singing.

Lee said...

Yeah, her singing is way better than her talking, but then again her singing is plain.

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