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I have currently finished watching the first 2 episodes of Sweetness in Salt and I am totally loving Raymond Wong. It's too bad that Easterly Showers had low ratings and his current series is being warehoused so Hong Kong viewers won't be able to recognize the rising talent that is Raymond Wong. Though he is not new to acting, it is only recently that my views of him have changed. I first saw him in Central Affairs and I thought that he was just a really cute actor with above average acting skills. He seems really competent but nothing ever stood out, other than the last scene he had with Michelle Ye. I don't want to ruin the ending but I think that was one of the best and emotional scenes of that series. I was really excited to hear that he was going to start filming for TVB but he just had flat supporting roles in When A Dog Loves a Cat and A Marriage of Inconvience. However, his recent roles have been suprising because he portrays his characters in a multifaceted way- not just the good guy, but one with depth. I actually think he can move up to 1st lead roles very soon because of 2 important traits: he's handsome and can really act! In the first 2 episodes, he actually has more screen time than Steven Ma and he has already captured my heart. He plays a very smart, but also very sick since he has diabetes, son of a salt trader who wants to end his life because he doesn't feel like he has a reason to live. That changes when Tavia changes his mind telling him that he should never give up, and so begins the development between the 2 characters and Raymond starting to have feelings for her. They have very good chemistry so far and I can't wait to see more of Raymond in 2009!

Here's a summary about what Sweetness in the Salt is about from the actors themselves:


Hani-TVB said...

He is a really handsome and talented actor and after watching him for a few series I think he doesn't remind me at Leslie Cheung anymore. I hope someday the people don't referred him as a leslie alike anymore but accept him as Raymond Wong. Hope TVB will give him more roles in the future =)

P.S.: you should try "49 days" ^^ he is pretty scary in there.
P.S.S.: sorry for my bad english

MyFaveTVB said...

Thanks! i didn't know that's what they referred to him as. He looks like someone else to me but I can't put my finger on it!

Anonymous said...

I started watching SOS because I like Steven Ma and right after 3 chapters, Raymond has already endeared me to his Ting Hin character. Throughout SOS he is able to potray going from sickly to extremely competent and torn while still sick. He also has the 'siew ye' look but not arrogant. He's really nailed this character. I can't imagine another actor playing Ting Hin. I'm very pleased to see Raymond able to display his acting skills and graduate from just being a good looker. Not many TVB siu sang has the range to play heroic (Colour of Truth) to evil (49 Days, Central Affairs) to player (Marriage of Inconvenience) to sickly (Sweetness of The Salt) to comedic (Love Undercover, A Great Way To Care). Well done Raymond!!

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