What the???

So, I've recently heard that the next TVB artist to release a CD will be... Kate Tsui? OMG, that is horrible! I actually enjoy TVB artists releasing cds since those are basically the only asian artists that I know and I want to support them. Raymond has a very nice soothing voice, Linda is more sweet, Wong Cho Lam is a very talented singer and composer, and of course, Myolie has a great voice that can sing very difficult songs. Bosco, as much as I love him, does not have a great voice but I can see that they're trying to fill the hip/hop quota for TVB. haha. Also, I think it's easier for guys to sell cds because of the "idol" mentality. That's how they suckered me into buying his cd.

I think Kate is really overreaching with trying to have a singing career. I think she needs to improve her acting and gain some more fans before she tries to venture off into something else. Worst of all, her singing is horrible! I can see the record company and/or TVB will try to push her into more of the dancer/singer since her dancing is pretty good. I don't see why they don't just give Bernice Liu a record deal because she's a great dancer as well, and she can actually sing! Suprisingly, she has a very beautiful voice and can sing more fluently than when she is reciting her lines. Instead of me going on and on about what a bad singer Kate Tsui is, watch the clip below and form your own opinions. This is from a Miss Hong Kong where Kate and Raymond Lam did a singing and dancing duet. Their voices do not blend well together at all. I really think they're lipsyncing even though I hope they're not because if Kate's voice sounds like that in a recording, I'm afraid of what her live voice sounds like. At least she looks good here.

(starts at around 1:20 mark)


Anonymous said...

kate singing?!?! please don't! she can't act let alone take up a whole new challenge. not saying that she shouldn't try to do it or at least see if she's good at it, but for right now, concentrate on improving your acting first. hope this isn't true...

AC said...

Boo! It is true! She's going to start prepping soon so that means that she hasn't started the recording process yet so maybe it'll fall through?

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