Pages of Treasures

This is the series that Wayne Lai finally gets to play first lead! How did it live up? The series itself was really good but it didn't require any extraordinary acting. If you want to see some truly excellent acting by this year's Best Supporting Actor, then you should watch The Gentle Crackdown 2 or Safeguards, or for something more modern, I would suggest When Rules Turn Loose. It does seem that Wayne excels more in ancient series and that's why I'm having great hopes for The Rouge Merchant w/ Sheren Tang, who is another good actor. I'm actually also watching Off Pedder and he actually looks quite "ying" in a suit. He looks good with the short cropped hair and his character is interesting so far as Joyce's brother, even though he's only been a few episodes so far.

If you want to watch a relaxing series to warm your heart, you should watch this series though. There's nothing truly unique about this series since it's a typical TVB family drama, but I always love it when Paul Chan plays the dad. The only thing I wish it had more of was more romance between Sonjia and Wayne.

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