Best and Worst of TVB: 2008 Edition

The year is almost over so I decided to give me opinion on the best and worst on various subjects. Here's a recap of what you may have seen in this past year:

(Warning: there might be some small spoilers)

Ancient: The Four, Legend of Demigods, The Gentle Crackdown 2, The Master of Tai Chi, Silver Chamber of Sorrows, When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West

Modern: Pages of Treasure, The Gem of Life, Your Class or Mine, War of In Laws 2, Survivors Law 2, Forensic Heroes 2, Last One Standing, Catch Me Now, A Journey Called Life, Wasabi Mon Amour, Moonlight Resonance, When A Dog Loves a Cat, The Seventh Day, Love Exchange, Speech of Silence, The Money Maker Recipe, D.I.E., Best Selling Secrets, Off Pedder

Best Ancient Series: This was a difficult choice because there are certain scenes that are very memorable from each series, but as a whole, I didn't find any one series truly outstanding. I loved Wayne Lai's performance in The Gentle Crackdown 2 but the other parts were not as good. Therefore, I will choose... The Master of Tai Chi. Why? Some people thought that this was a little boring, but I enjoyed it. It's possibly because I usually rent my series that I don't have to wait every day to watch it. Instead, it's easier to get absorbed when you can continiously watch the episodes. I thought Raymond and Myolie did a good job in their roles and I think they always have fantastic chemistry. Derek Kwok also shined as did Selina Li. Storywise, I heard that it was shortened from 30 to 25 episodes but I didn't notice any weird jumps in storyline, so I guess it was a wise choice. For the most part, the series is somewhat sad and a little more deep than the fluff that is in other series so I choose this as the best ancient series.

Best Modern Series: No, it is not Moonlight Resonance. It was good and can capture your attention, but a lot of the story did not flow well and seemed to jump from scene to scene. It had a lot of holes. Can someone please tell me how it showed Moses starting to like Tavia? It just went from him really liking Kate, not having any romantic feelings for Tavia at all, and then all of a sudden, to make the "perfect ending", he did like her. Don't get me wrong. I did like them as a couple but I think the biggest thing missing is character development in this series.

So what series should you not miss? There are 2. The first is War of In Laws 2. The first few episodes are some of the funniest I've ever seen on TVB series. The rest of the storyline flows well and the chemistry between the 3 leads has a lot of sparks in all aspects: love, family, fighting, etc. I can go on and on but I'll just tell you my favorite scene. Liza's hand gets trapped in the window so she starts to get a little crazy and starts to comb her bangs with a kitchen utensil!

What's the other series? Last One Standing. Why did I keep hearing about complaints that were sent to TVB concerning the so-called violence? It was not and these type of useless complaints stall TVB's progress in making more interesting storylines. They tried to make other suspenseful/mystery dramas in the year such as Love Exchange and Catch Me Now, but those failed. They started out with a little mystery, the whole middle is filler which has nothing to do with the storyline, and the end goes back to solve the beginning. Last One Standing exceeds because it's a smart drama with an excellent cast (Kevin Cheng, Roger Kwok, Yoyo Mung) and is suspenseful throughout. Every episode leaves you wondering what will happen next and if you were to watch one series, this is what I would recommend.

Worst Series: What would I not recommend? The Speech of Silence and Love Exchange. I love Michael Miu but even he couldn't save this supposed mystery drama. Let's just say they could have shortened it to about 5 episodes since the other 15 was kinda stupid. As for The Speech of Silence, I would only suggest it to super Kate and Kenneth fans. I think the thing that irritates me the most is how they make Kate's deafness in the series as such a major hurdle. There are a lot worse things that can happen to a person like missing a limb, etc. She looks prettier with the longer hair but nothing disguises how average her acting is and I especially don't get how she got nominated for best acting in this role. To me, there's nothing unique or memorable about this series and I would say that this is the worst series of 2008.

Best Comedic Couple: Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu, otherwise known as Boscolie. They are just so cute and funny in WOIL2. Runner Up: Benz Hui and Liza Wang- very interesting and I never would have thought that they would have such cute chemistry!

Best Dramatic Couple: Niki Chow and Kevin Cheng in The Seventh Day- This is probably the last series you will see them together in since they are rumored to have broken up, but it's a must see if you love happy yet also sad endings. Runner up: Linda Chung and Steven Ma in A Journey Called Life. I wish they developed the couple more in the beginning but the hardships they go through together really did show why the series is called A Journey Called Life.

Worst Couple: Kate Tsui and Raymond Lam in The Four. Other than Selina and Kenneth, all the pairings in this series kinda sucked. I wish they put some bigger female stars to match with Sammul and Ron but I guess it's okay because the good chemistry came within "The Four". Actually, I think they should have switched Selina and Kate's role since I've liked Selina and Raymond together ever since their last pairing.

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