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Each month, I'll be highlighting one actor and one actress that I see great potential in. They currently don't have lead status but hopefully they will in the near future. I hope TVB sees their potential before they look for other opportunities. I'll start with the people of 2008 since there are some people I want to mention.

For the guy, I was thinking of Edwin Siu at first because he did a great job in Easterly Showers for a newbie. He's very natural and has good range, not to mention cute. However, there was one guy who did a better job- Raymond Wong. He's not new to acting since he's been in both movies and ATV, but he recently started acting in TVB series which I think helps both of them. There are constantly more and more females entering TVB (and bad actresses at that) because of the Miss Hong Kong contests but not as many males. I'm sincerely hoping that they stop trying to scout guys through Mr. Hong Kong because the results have mainly been horific.

Raymond first caught my attention as the good guy turned bad in Central Affairs and thought that him and Michelle Ye made a pretty good on screen couple. He was relegated to supporting roles to begin with in A Marriage of Inconvience and When a Dog Loves a Cat, but he truly shined in Easterly Showers. Not only did he make a cute couple with Charmaine, he showed his sweet side with her, his angry side with Joe Ma, and some touching crying scenes with his parents. Sadly, the ratings were relatively low and not that many people were able to see his true talent. His next series, Sweetness in Salt, with Tavia and Steven, will also be warehoused, but hopefully, he will get more opportunities in the future.

For the females, I choose the very young and underrated Yoyo Chen. My favorite scene of Best Selling Secrets (even though I think that this is from last year) was when she found out that Vin Choi's character didn't like her. To make him feel better, she pretended that she liked someone else and pretended to be happy in front of him. As he walks away, her smile melts away and she slowly starts to cry.. with real tears! It wasn't the fake loud crying where you can hear but you see no tears, but it was quiet and somber. Very understated yet super effective! The other series that she made an impact in was in Tai Chi. She was probably only in it for 10 minutes to be paired up with Derek Kwok, but her scenes were quite intense. She was looking for revenge for her parents not knowing that Derek was responsible and she even died a tragic death to save him as well. She had a sad life with a sad ending. I'm hoping that TVB will promote her some more but I'm not sure if she will be since I don't know what type of roles she's getting and I don't hear that much about her. However, she is in the 2009 calendar with other "rising" (using that term very loosely) fadans. That gives me hope.

Here's to hoping that 2009 will be the year that both Raymond Wong and Yoyo Chen will get a breakthrough!

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