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With the recent additions of Raymond Lam, Linda Chung, Myolie Wu, Wong Cho Lam, and Bosco Wong to the music scene, you might forget that it started off with singers entering TVB. How did they fare?

Niki Chow
I think she is one of the success stories since I think she is the only one to win an award at TVB's anniversary. I believe she started off in Hard Fate, which was only the beginning of Kevin/Niki pairings. She soon moved on to leading roles in Under The Canopy of Love, The Gentle Crackdown, and The Seventh Day. Her next role is playing Adam Cheng's daughter in King of Pool. How's her acting? I think it's pretty good! She's quite natural on screen and had chemistry with both Kevin Cheng and Moses Chan. However, she was criticized for winning the Most Improved Actress award because others were believed to have deserved it first. I can't say I would disagree because although she was good in Gentle Crackdown, I wouldn't say that it was a breakthrough role. Although she is quite charming in her roles, I don't think any of them have been particularly memorable. Her singing is pretty but not very distinctive.

Yumiko Cheng
Speaking of Gentle Crackdown, Yumiko played the lead in the sequel along with Steven Ma and Wayne Lai. I think she's lucky that Wayne was in it and totally shined in this role which made it easier to forget what bad acting skills she has in this. She's not very natural and I know I shouldn't blame her for this, but her hair was hideous! I don't know what made TVB give her a lead role (maybe it was the embarrassement of having her pants pulled down in a TVB produced show?) but let's hope that she doesn't get this chance again. I've actually never heard her sing so let's hope her singing is better than her acting.

Eric Suen
So far so good. He plays the middle child in Pages of Treasures and is okay so far. He speaks his lines fluently but there is nothing memorable about his acting though. Maybe it's the character, but I haven't seen any crying scenes yet so I can't quite fully judge yet. However, I can see him improving.

Joey Yung
I've seen her in 2 TVB series- one with Roger Kwok and the sequel to The Academy. From that, I can see why she doesn't act that much. She can be cute in her comedy role but none of it seems very natural. I was also distracted by how big her head seemed in On The First Beat. She already started off on the wrong foot by being the third party between Ron and Tavia, but she didn't bring anything to the role that made me want to be sympathetic towards her. I think she falls into the "trying to be too cute" trap.

Miriam Yeung
I've only seen her act in A Taste of Love, opposite Raymond Lam. Since this was filmed a long time ago, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, but she was pretty bad. She always seemed to have a "duh" look on her face and she has no facial expressions at all. She's also pretty flat when speaking her lines devoid of any emotion. Whether happy or sad, her face and words all seem the same. I hope her acting has improved!

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