The Voice of Stars- Hoffman Cheng and Yao Bin Interview

I was listening to a radio interview that Dodo Cheng did with Hoffman Cheng and Yao Bin from The Voice of Stars and I just learned an interesting tidbit. Dodo revealed that she took a peak at the results before the finale and Fred was way ahead in first place, but second place was actually Corinna Chamberlain. After Hoffman's performance on finale night (since votes still counted during the show), he overtook Corinna in votes! I didn't think the finale night votes would matter, but Corinna probably had her worst performance that night, while Hoffman did better and he had a lot of support from his fellow colleagues.


miriamfanz said...

I'll definitely agree that Corinna did a very poor job in the finale. Had she sung any of her previous songs, she could have gotten second.

AC said...

Yeah, she definitely chose the wrong song. I think if Ronald Law had made the finals, he probably would have ended up in second.

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