2014 Sales Presentation Fashions

It's that time of the year again where most of the TVB stars gather in their favorite prom outfits! Yup, it's the Sales Presentation for the 2014 series and programs. The presentation hasn't aired yet, but I'll give you my opinions on their outfits. Feel free to comment as well!

There's no official group picture that I can find but I'll list out who I can make out in the picture. It does give you a slight idea of their position but anyone standing in the walkway area is in very good standing. I think that Kristal Tin has successfully moved up into one of top leading fadan positions considering where she is in the picture, as well as her being the lead female in some upcoming series. 

Liza's side: Wayne Lai, Myolie Wu, Roger Kwok, Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, Kristal Tin, Ruco Chan, Sharon Chan, Edwin Siu, Priscilla Wong, Ben Wong, Elena Kong, Natalie Tong, Kenny Wong, Lin Xia Wei Raymond Wong, Queenie Chu, Chris Lai, Oscar Leung
Carol Cheng's side: Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Kevin Cheng, Linda Chung, Raymond Lam, Kate Tsui, Bosco Wong, Niki Chow, Ron Ng, Mandy Wong, Eliza Sam, Johnson Li, Rebecca Zhu, Vincent Wong
The cast of Voice of the Stars seem to be in the front of the back group.

Lots of pictures...

Myolie Wu and Ron Ng- Love Myolie's dress and the strategically placed slits- very fashionable! I also really like her sleek hair here and hope she keeps this hairstyle for a while. Ron looks good in bright blue. He seems to have a thing for rolling up his pants.

Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung- Love love loveTavia's hair and like that Kenneth added an ascot to accessorize his outfit. 

Linda Chung and Ruco Chan- On a positive note, at least Linda tried to wear something fashionable... but this whole thing is hideous including the matchy matchy shoes, the gloves, and the belt. Ruco should have chosen only the striped vest or jacket. It doesn't work together.

Kate Tsui and Bosco Wong- Maybe Kate is blinded by Bosco's ugly outfit? :P Kate looks okay, although I never seem to like her hairstyles when she dresses up for these type of occasions. 

Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh- Love Charmaine's dress with the cutouts, although the middle is a little boxy. Overall, it really works! Kevin looks handsome as usual.

Wayne Lai and Liza Wang- Wayne's outfit doesn't really fit together. I like Liza's hair, although I'm not sure I like the blue? slip under the red lace dress.

Rebecca Zhu and Poon Chi Man- The color and style of the dress looks like a bridesmaid dress, if the bridesmaid decided to wear a plunging neckline. Haven't seen Poon Chi Man in a while, but he will be filming Big Apothecary with Linda and Ruco soon. 

Matthew Ko and Samantha Ko. Not a fan of the tight pants and boots combo on Matthew. Samantha looks great in red.

Matt Yeung and Lin Xia Wei- Both look young and modern.

Corinna Chamberlain and Grace Chan- That dress makes Corinna look pregnant, but at least her makeup looks good. I like 3/4th of Grace's dress with the different see-through cuts, but not a fan of the tulle on bottom. 

Roger Kwok and Sharon Chan- Shiny suit and pants with camoflauge shoots? Why Roger, why?? Sharon looks nice, but I feel like I've seen her in this type of dress many times. 

Susan Tse and KK Cheung- KK looks good and the jeans are a youthful touch.

Kristal Tin and Edwin Siu- Really like both of their outfits but I wish Kristal wore a bold necklace or earrings to make her outfit pop. Kristal's makeup looks really good.

Tony Hung and Priscilla Wong- Like the fit of Tony's outfit and like that Priscilla had some leather in her outfit, but Priscilla's hair is awful.

Alice Chan and Derek Kwok- Alice looks pretty and I like Derek's bowtie.

Vincent Wong and Eliza Sam- Vincent looks dashing but the bottom half of his suit looks messy. Eliza looks sweet. 

Elena Kong and Ben Wong- Like Elena's hair and makeup and Ben's purple suit.

Leanne Li and Louis Cheung- Leanne looks great in that miniskirt and Louis looks a tad boxy in that suit.

? and May Chan- May looks cute but those shoes are ugly!

Kenny Wong and Shirley Yeung- I'll consider this a win for Shirley since she usually wears really tacky/shiny looking dresses.

Jack Wu and Koni Lui- Jack looks nice. Holy cleavage on Koni.

Raymond Lam- So cute!

Whitney Hui- Ugly and looks like a nightgown

Tracy Chu- This dress looks cheap.

Mandy Wong- I think Mandy needs a better stylist. 

Natalie Tong- Love the hair and makeup and the bright blue pantsuit. 

Jason Chan- Too much blue.

Power Chan- Love he orange and the colorful shoes.

Raymond Wong- I like that he chose to add a sweater as well.

Moses Chan- Not a fan of the gloves but I like the style of his coat.

Niki Chow- Interesting dress but do not like the proportions. 

Adrian Chau, Kandy Wong, Jess Sum, Fred Cheng- Fred! 

Miss Hong Kong 2013 group- I'm not sure if they did so on purpose or not, but it's cute that they all match. 

Carat Cheung, Tracy Ip, Janet Chow, Becky Lee- Lots of cleavage

Owen Cheung, Fred Cheng, Oscar Leung, Ben Yuen, Matthey Ko


miriamfanz said...

My first glance at Ruco and Linda made me think "Are they filming Battle Again Tomorrow?" Because both look like prison uniforms :P

AC said...

@miriamfanz haha, I can see that when I look at the top half of their outfits.

Tuminh19 said...

I like Myolie and Natalie overall style the most

Daftar Terbaik said...

miss hongkong........
i like it :)

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