2013 TVB Anniversary Awards (Unofficial) Nomination List

The official nomination list for the 2013 TVB Awards will come out tomorrow, but in the meantime, here's a leaked list of the Best Actress and Actor nominees. It seems pretty legitimate.

Best Actress
1. Ivana Wong- Inbound Troubles
2. Niki Chow- Sergeant Tabloid
3. Louise Lee- Reality Check
4. Ada Choi- Beauty At War
5. Christine Ng- Beauty At War
6. Aimee Chan- Slow Boat Home
7. Joey Meng- A Change of Heart
8. Myolie Wu- Triumph in the Skies II
9. Fala Chen- Triumph in the Skies II
10. Always and Ever- Esther Kwan
11. Kathy Chow- Sniper Standoff
12. Linda Chung- Brother's Keeper
13. Kristal Tin- Brother's Keeper
14. Tavia Yeung- The Hippocratic Crush II
15. Kate Tsui- Bounty Lady

 Best Actor
1. Wong Cho Lam- Inbound Troubles
2. Lau Dan- Come Home Love
3. Michael Miu- A Change of Heart
4. Bosco Wong- A Change of Heart
5. Roger Kwok- Awfully Lawful
6. Francis Ng- Triumph in the Skies II
7. Chilam Cheung- Triumph in the Skies II
8. Bobby Au Yeung- Always and Ever
9. Ruco Chan- Brother's Keeper
10. Edwin Siu- Brother's Keeper
11. Wayne Lai- Will Power
12. Moses Chan- Will Power
13. Lawrence Ng- The Hippocratic Crush II
14. Kenneth Ma- The Hippocratic Crush II
15. Dayo Wong- Bounty Lady

Source: ihktv


miriamfanz said...

I see no major snubs, which is good. But kinda hard to get it wrong with 15 nominations each.

AC said...

I think the only major snub would be Sheren Teng for Beauty At War. I didn't see the series so I don't know how the acting is but I think it's funny that they nominate both Ada and Christine for that series and not her.

I'm also surprised that they nominated Kathy Chow for Sniper Standoff (who I think was pretty bad there) but didn't nominate the males like Eddie Cheung and Michael Tse.

miriamfanz said...

Sheren is deserving of a nomination, but no way in the world would TVB give it to her. Kathy is a bit of surprise, but hey, they had to fill up the 15 spots. I can't think of another lead actress they could give it too.

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