Fred Cheng joins Voice Entertainment record label

Fred Cheng officially joins TVB's Voice Entertainment (the Chinese name sounds better because it directly translates to "stars dream") record label along with fellow Voice contestants Hoffman Cheng, Yao Bin, Ronald Law, and Grace Wong.

Here are some tidbits from the press conference:
  • Fred's album will be released in May or June of next year. He hopes that one of the songs will be his own creation.
  • Fred's first single will be written by Eric Kwok! He was one of the judges on The Voice of Stars and was nicknamed Ironman due to his resemblance to Ironman played by Robert Downey Jr.
  • Jade Solid Gold (JSG), TVB's music countdown with performances, will go through some changes. The most notable was that JSG was usually only open to singers with TVB-contracts, but now it will be open to everyone.  
So happy for Fred! I will definitely be buying his album when it comes out. I hope there will be a duet with Alfred on his album since I loved their performance together during the competition. I'm actually somewhat surprised that so many of them got signed, but I guess I shouldn't be since they've been attending a lot of functions and doing a lot of performances together. I can definitely see Grace being pushed to do a lot of dance music since she's a great dancer. 

Some more pictures...

Source: ihktv and tvb interview clips

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