46th TVB Anniversary Gala Fashion and Pictures

Happy 46th birthday! 

The 46th TVB Anniversary Gala averaged 29 points with a peak of 31 points, so as promised, they will be donating HK $31 million to the various charities they support. I thought it was a very entertaining show for the most part, especially the Inbound Troubles skit, the magic segment, and the Raymond/Kate dancing segment.

Check out below for my opinion on the various fashions that can be seen, and feel free to leave your thoughts as well! There are a lot of pictures, even though I couldn't find a picture of every person there.

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As always, you can get a hint of the status of various stars by where they're sitting and standing. Out of those that attended, these 6 females and males are considered to be their first line stars and they each sat at the front row of their sections. They were also pulled up to play a game. Did you realize that half of these people used to date? haha (Myolie/Bosco, Niki/Kevin, Nancy/Kenneth)

The stars were seated in 4 sections:

The female stars with Myolie Wu, Niki Chow, Linda Chung, Kristal Tin, Kate Tsui, and Nancy Wu in the front row.

Also, someone took a picture of the group during a break and you can see whose chatting, on the phone, or just dozing off. 

The guys with Kenneth Ma, Bosco Wong, Raymond Lam, Wayne Lai, Kevin Cheng, and Moses Chan in the front row.

The singers (from their own and other record labels)

 Then there was the last group with the rest of the females on one side and males on the other. For the female side, Samantha Ko, Elena Kong, Rebecca Zhu, Tracy Chu, and Eliza Sam (Natalie Tong and Mandy Wong should be to the right). I couldn't find a picture of the male side, but I remember seeing Ruco Chan, Edwin Siu, Wong Cho Lam, Johnson Li, and Louis Yuen to the right of these ladies.

Now to the fashions!
Eliza Sam: Cute but not a fan of the hair.

Samantha Ko: The orange is an interesting color but it looks nice on her.

Priscilla Wong: Tinkerbell? Not cute at all. It also looks too big on her. 

Lin Xia Wei: elegant

Ruco Chan: Not a fan of the pattern but he looks good. 

Kay Tse: She's so pretty and I really like this whole look.

Grace Chan, Dodo Cheng, Liza Wang, Astrid Chan: Dodo's dress looks too young for her, mainly because of the color.

Mandy Wong: The color washes her out and not a fan of the bunched middle.

 Linda Chung: Love the dress! I don't mind the hair, but her makeup made her look unhappy the whole night.

Edwin Siu: I like the patterned pants but not the hair!

Kenneth Ma: Voted as Best Actor by his peers so congrats! His fake flirting with all the females has paid off. hehe

Kelly Fu: A red lip instead of orange would probably make this look better.

Cilla Kung: She looks very cute and the dress looks good on her. 
Katy Kung: The color makes her look 16 and ready for prom.
 Elaine Yiu: Not a fan of the hair and didn't realize the black part was sheer until this picture! Not really a fan of the dress though.

Tracy Chu: Lopsided nightgown

Carot Cheung: I like the style and color, just not the fabric.

Myolie Wu: I like the peek-a-boo effect of the dress and all her ruby accessories. I wish she did something differently with her hair. 

Jason Chan:  Nice

Tony Hung: Ugly jacket.

Leanne Li: I didn't expect her to be so daring! I'm not a fan of the see-through underwear effect though. 

Crystal Li: Sweet although a little too simple.

Grace Wong: Ugly disco ball
Fred Cheng: This is a bad picture but he looked cute on the show!

Shirley Yeung: No to the hair.

Corinna Chamberlain: Little Blue Riding Hood?

Moses Chan: I like it! although why the permed hair?

Wayne Lai: The leather looks good and makes him look younger.

Bosco Wong: Why?! 

Kristal Tin: Voted Best Actress by her peers. Congrats! 
Kate Tsui: Love it! 

Kevin Cheng: Love the cut and the plaid.

Yoyo Chen: She looks pretty but I think the dress would be better if it was all blue?

Natalie Tong: I like it! I think...

Koni Lui: She's showing off a lot, but I think she looks hot!

 Jess Sum: It looks too bunched up in front.

Lee Yee Man: Really pretty!

 Nancy Wu: Looks great

Angel Chiang: Kinda ugly when you look at the whole thing.

Niki Chow and Raymond Lam: He loooks handsome and I liked that she tried a different style of dress.

Sharon Chan and Becky Lee (with Myolie): I like Sharon's hair but I wish she chose a more colorful dress. Becky is okay but plain.

Source: Weibo and sina
I know there are lots of people missing so I might slowly add some more in later. 

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I thought Elaine Gu was quite good. At least she showed some versatility and wasn't a glorified karaoke singer, as some are..it seems it is only the marketed stars mentioned here.

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