Myolie Wu's Birthday Party

Myolie's birthday was on November 6 and she had a birthday party with her friends to celebrate. I follow some of the TVB stars on Instagram and that's where I found these pictures. I'm always nosy about which stars are friends with others outside of the work place, so I was definitely looking around for TVB stars I recognize.
People I can spot: Oscar Leung and his girlfriend Tina on top, Kelly Fu-Linda Chung-Grace Wong to Myolie's left, Adrian Chau-Cheu Hoi Yeung-Christine Kuo to her right, and Summer Joe on the bottom.

I'm thinking some of these people arrived later since they weren't in the group picture: Johnson Li, Oscar Leung and his girlfriend Tina, Sharon Chan, Mandy Wong

A few more pictures...

Kev Yiu is a dress designer- Myolie usually wears a lot of his dresses including the one she wore when she won the TVB Queen award.

So cute!

Source: Instagram

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