Ox Head Loves Horse Mouth 牛頭愛搭馬嘴 Costume Fitting

Ox Head Loves Horse Mouth 牛頭愛搭馬嘴 had its costume fitting today which included: Johnson Li (who replaced Bobby Au Yeung as the male lead), Joey Meng, Oscar Leung, Rebecca Zhu, Fred Cheng, William Chak, etc.

  • Joey and Johnson will play a pair. Joey will be a cop who is the head of her department and Johnson will play her subordinate.
  • Oscar will be surrounded by females chasing after him including Shrimp Head who doesn't want to let him go, Sisley Choi, and Rebecca Zhu. Rebecca will be someone who can really fight.
  • Fred's character thinks highly of himself and that he is very good-looking, but is only a photographer. He will pair up with Sisley. 
I wish it was still Bobby in this series since I was looking forward to him and Joey to pair up. I'm always happy to see more Oscar and Fred though! 

More pictures...

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