As you can tell, I've been neglecting this blog a bit only because I've been super busy but I'm going to try and update more often... especially since Triumph in the Skies 2 is finally airing! I really loved the first series so I was anxious for this series to begin airing and it has not disappointed me so far. It was a perfect start with Francis opening his eyes to watch a plane and then it flashes to Ron and Kenneth reuniting. There are small flashbacks littered throughout the first few episodes without it being too overwhelming. Of course, one of the standout new characters is Jayden Koo, played by Chilam, who is able to charm all the ladies except for the one who he cares about the most- his sister. I'm also so happy that Myolie finally appeared more in episode 5! Her new character is soooo different than Zoe and is a total tomboy. When she was lifting weights in her room, I was a little shocked at how "man" she is. haha. I can't wait for next week since we're going to learn more about Chilam and Myolie's relationship.

(credit to huochevan on tumblr)

The other series I'm watching are Come Home Love and Karma Rider. Come Home Love recently extended to 500 episodes and there are going to be some new characters added soon. I don't know if these are just cameos, recurring characters (like Kenny Wong), or more permanent ones (like Roxanne Tong) but Alice Chan and Joyce Tang are a few that will appear soon. I don't mind, but I just need Queenie and Lai Lok Yi's characters to get together already!  The other series I'm watching is Karma Rider and it's pretty boring. I'm only on the 3rd episode and it's just so blah. This might end up being the third series this year that I might now finish watching. The other 2 are The Day of Days and Beauty At War. I might try to finish them one day and I don't want to say that they're bad without finishing it but they were not able to capture my attention. I've watched every series since 2005 so I'm actually shocked at myself for not being able to finish these series! sigh..

I think I'm going to start short reviews of all the series I watched this year as my next few posts.

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