More Upcoming Series

点金圣手 Midas Touch- Nancy Wu will be joining the upcoming Chong Wai Kin drama about financial markets. Michael Miu's role was tailor made for him and Sharon Chan will be paired up with him. Bosco Wong will also be a part of this series. (I'm thinking Nancy and Bosco will pair up?)
eta: Michael will no longer be in this series.

 縱橫天地 - Wong Jing series: Liza Wang will portray a mother to her 3 songs: Kenny Wong, Edwin Siu, and Hawick Lau. Selena Li and Wayne Lai will guest star as a young Liza and her husband. Female cast members include Meng Yao, Tiffany Tang, and Kimmy Tong. (Kenneth Ma was originally to be part of the cast but it looks like he had to pass the role since the 3 sons are filled. He recently resigned for another 5 years with TVB with one of the conditions to be that he can film some mainland series, so I'm thinking he may be shooting a mainland series instead of this. His current series won't end filming until October. )

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