Skipped Series

I've watched every single TVB series for maybe the past 8 years. This year, I have skipped 2 so far: The Day of Days and Beauty at War, and there might be a third one I'm going to add to this list: Karma Rider. There's been a bunch of bad series, but I was still able to finish them. However, these series got so boring that I just remain unmotivated to finish them!

The Day of Days

I really wanted to like this series since I like Sunny Chan and he took a long break to take care of his son. It was just really boring mixed in with some confusing parts when they do flashbacks, and I eventually just stopped caring. I stopped at episode 9 and I can't even remember anything that happened.

Beauty At War

This was the highly anticipated sequel to War and Beauty, which I believe is one of their highest rated TVB dramas ever. I liked the original but I was not as obsessed with it as many other people were. That's probably why I didn't mind when a lot of the original cast (other than Sheren and Moses) didn't return since I liked the addition of Ada and Christine Ng. I did think they should have added some more star power in the male side... the first guy that comes to mind is Wayne Lai. When it was time for the series to air, it was plagued with negative news and reviews, especially regarding Sheren Teng. She did a lot of interviews talking about the script changes, not understanding the series, and generally not promoting the series in a positive manner. I don't have a problem with anything Sheren had to say, but she should realize that there would be consequences to her words. I do believe that Sheren's lack of support is only one factor in why the ratings did not do well. The perception was that the main star of the series did not even like this series, so why should viewers bother giving it a chance? The main problem is the slow storyline, although I only watched the first 5 episodes so the pace could have picked up later. The first half of the first episode was really confusing and introduced a bunch of people that no one cares about. The fans want to see Sheren and Moses! They want to see their favorite characters from the first series and they just took too long to show them. By the time they showed up, viewers were probably already too confused and stopped caring.

Someone please convince me that these series are worth picking up again!


miriamfanz said...

I finished Beauty at War, but it definitely takes patience and you have to be paying attention, not watching it on the side while doing other things. It does start off slow, but picks up slightly around the middle. I enjoyed it better when I read blurbs about what all the symbols and things mean, really got to appreciate the thought put into it. It's not a series for everyone and I still prefer the first series a lot more.

AC said...

Thanks miriamfanz! Yeah, I think maybe I'll try to start all over from the beginning and watch it with English subtitles. Maybe that will help me understand the dialogue more.

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