Ron will spend the rest of the year in Hong Kong

According to an interview, Ron will spend the rest of the year in Hong Kong. He's recently been busy filming in Mainland China. Next up, he will film an Amy Wong produced series called 忠奸人 (Good and Evil People) in which he will portray a cop while Roger will portray a lawyer. The rest of the announced cast so far consists of Kristal Tin, Kiki Sheung, Mat Yeung, and Louis Cheung. In November, he will be paired up with Myolie Wu in a Poon Ka Tak production along with Him Law and Louis Cheung. This is supposed to be a big love story in ancient times (most likely between Myolie and Ron).


I am so happy that it's a Ron and Myolie pairing instead of Myolie/Him. I think they have a very fun chemistry and I've liked them together ever since Lost in the Chamber of Love. I'd prefer an ancient series over a pre-modern one since Myolie just finished filming No Reserve, which is pre-modern. So happy that Ron will be filming more in Hong Kong and back in more leading roles! Now, they just need to air Ruse of Engagement! haha

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