Friendly Fire Review

Friendly Fire has a big all star cast which includes Michael Tse, Tavia Yeung, Louis Yuen, Sharon Chan, Sammy Leung, and many others. This series started out pretty well and Michael and Tavia have great chemistry right off the bat. They're already a couple in the beginning which is refreshing but it slightly falls apart after Tavia rejects Michael's marriage proposal since her family has a history of breast cancer. She's afraid that she will cause him heartache if she dies, and she doesn't want to remove her breasts because she thinks he will leave her anyways due not to being a whole female. Couldn't she just get a boob job though?? Sigh... I guess they had to have some drama to get people to root for them though. Sammy and Sharon also make a cute couple and are more of the light-hearted comic relief of the series. 

While I like the characters, the thing that made me dislike the series were the cases!!! There were 5 different cases but it was the last 3 that drove me crazy. *spoilers ahead* There was one case with the murder of a cop, and as the audience, we know who actually did it. However, the case had no real evidence and the main witness was a cop (Patrick Tang) who had already broken the law and proven to had lied on the stand. By the way, Patrick was pretty terrible in this role. Sammy Shum (who played the murderer) was found guilty on faulty evidence and that wouldn't be that bad but then they had the next case where the victim had evidence and witnesses on her side but she still lost. That was the case in which Samantha Ko was raped and although she was in shock, she went straight to the police and had a rape kit done on her. The defendant tried to say she was a liar and a slut since she had once worked as a beer girl... because I guess that's the same as being a prostitute? I don't get it.. and I don't get how Michael could be so incompetent as a lawyer! I guess the lesson is that even if you were raped, went straight to the police, and got a rape kit, you will still not be able to prove you were raped unless you are a 100% pure virgin angel. I know I'm a little worked up but I had hoped that after the string of rapes that TVB has aired, they would present a story that would be able to help any victims of rape. 

In general, I liked most of the actors and their characters, but the storyline deteriorated throughout the series and the cases made me scream. I would not recommend this series.   

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