Missing You Review

Missing You

*All my series reviews are going to be pretty short. I'm basically going to let you know if I liked the series or not, as well as noting some pros and/or cons.

Missing You stars Linda Chung and Jason Chan in his first leading role and the result is not so great. We basically have Linda acting her little heart out and Jason's wooden acting in comparison is quite jarring. Linda's character here actually reminds me of her role in Moonlight Resonance in which she's in love with a guy that has a boyfriend and she feels guilty about her feelings. I think they made the love triangle a little too cliche by having Lin Xia Wei by having her cheat on Jason. I actually preferred Linda with Mat Yeung at first, but then of course they had to make him a bad guy.

The cases itself are okay but nothing really memorable. I guess my favorite would be the one with Raymond Wong and Elaine Yiu only because I like the actors.

Overall, it was just an OK series and I would recommend it to Linda fans.

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