Seasons of Love Review

Seasons of Love is basically a filler series. Triumph in the Skies II was actually supposed to start filming but they had to delay it while they waited for Francis Ng's schedule to clear up. Since they had the extra time and cast available, a lot of their stars (Myolie Wu, Kenneth Ma, Ron Ng, Nancy Wu, Him Law, Toby Leung) were available to film short love stories. Each love story had 5 episodes that were weaved together by Kenneth's character who is a private investigator. The thing I liked about this series is that each story had a slightly faster pace and it was easy to skip any stories you didn't care about. However, they didn't do a really good job weaving together all the stories and I thought the romance factor can be ramped up.

Here's my short thoughts on each story. 

 Spring (Him Law, Toby Leung)
I'm not a big fan of either of them so I didn't really care for this story. Also, it seems like a typical Him Law storyline in which he's a handsome, buff guy and he falls for a plain tomboy. The bright spot is Kandy Wong who plays Toby's sister and Him is her idol.

Summer (Ron Ng, Kate Tsui)
This story reminds me of TVB's Bachelors at War, except this happened before the reality show aired. Kate plays a tv producer who is suddenly forced to go on a reality dating show where several guys vie for her attention. Ron is an old boyfriend/childhood friend that suddenly left and she never heard from again until the station invites him to be part of the behind the scenes crew. This story is both predicable and wildly unpredictable at the same time. haha. There were just a few weird twists with Ron having lost a leg (and having a fake leg that looked like a mannequin leg!) and one of the contestants becoming crazy at the end.

Winter (Oscar Leung, Nancy Wu, Vincent Wong)
This is probably my favorite story of the bunch. This is sort of a love triangle but in the first part, Nancy ends up marrying Oscar but their life is disrupted when Oscar's mother comes to live with them. This causes friction in their life and Oscar ends up cheating on Nancy. Then Nancy seems to re-live her old life and what would have happened if she married the rich Vincent Wong. She is able to live her life without worrying about money, but she still has problems since she is still the same stubborn and immature person. Then it flashes back to another life where she is with Oscar again, but this time her personality has changed into a sweeter but more passive person. She also gets along with Oscar's mom and all the conflicts they had in the first story is fully shown and it was only misunderstandings that caused them to fight. However, the end result is that Oscar still ends up cheating on her! She ends up leaving Oscar and Oscar realizes how money has changed him and he regrets losing the woman he loves. My interpretation is that they were fated to break up, no matter what circumstances happen in their life. However, a few years have passed in which Nancy has matured and Oscar began a new life as a cook so that he can make the perfect steak for Nancy. When Oscar sees Nancy again, he mistakenly thinks that she is now with Vincent. Instead of giving up, Oscar has the courage to pursue her again and they end up with their happily ever after. Without going through tough times, they would not have known to cherish each other and start a new life together. I found the premise very interesting and I really liked the different ending.

Spring (Kenneth Ma, Myolie Wu)
I also really liked this story, especially since it had 2 of my favorite actors in it! On a shallow note, I really like Myolie's hair here. This story is about Myolie, a research assistant and historical guide, who meets Kenneth, a detective. Myolie would always have dreams about a mysterious guy and then she slowly realizes that her dreams are based on something she buried from her past. Kenneth keeps running into Myolie in random situations and he ends up falling in love with her as he helps her search for answers concerning her past. Myolie eventually falls for him too although she breaks up with him because she is haunted by her dreams and realizes that the guy from her dreams is her childhood crush that she can not forget. Her dad appears to know about her missing memories and this causes conflicts between them as well. I think my favorite part is the ending because I kept thinking the ending would be cliche and that the guy from her memories would be Kenneth. However, it turns out that he is a real guy that is still alive and willing to meet up with her too. As she meets him, she wonders why she was so persistent about the past since her old feelings did not return on their dinner date. Should she give up so soon on something that she thought she wanted, and can she really let go? When she meets Kenneth again, she realizes that her future was right in front of her this whole time. They go back to the place from Myolie's dreams, and she is finally able to overcome her fear of the sunset now that she is happy in her reality.

Okay, I know I left out a lot of details and is probably forgetting a lot since it's been a few months since I've watched it. I think I liked the last 2 stories because they seemed to have more of a moral/lesson at the end. In general, it's a good series that you can take your time watching since you only need to watch 5 at a time, or just watch the stories that has the actors you like.

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