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TVB has been trying to promote the "5 Beauties" as sort of an A-list fadan list. In a way, I do think they succeeded because they are probably the most popular with the general audience and sponsors even though I do think a few of them really need to work on their acting still. If those 5 are considered A-list, I think the following 5 are considered their B-list. Some of them already have had leading roles while others will have their first leading role this year or they usually play a big supporting role.

Nancy Wu

She's yet to have a leading role but she's been able to play a variety of big supporting roles. She's able to play a variety of roles, but has not had the opportunity to play a leading role just yet.
Coming up: an evil role in Curse of the Royal Harem, deaf and mute boxer in Boxing King

Selena Li

She's already had the opportunity to play lead in Life and Times of A Sentinel and will continue to do so in Boxing King and will also be lead behind Myolie in Endless Exchange of Enjoyment. She also moved up to the front row during the TVB lighting ceremony.
Coming up: More lead roles where she is paired up with Kevin Cheng in Boxing King. Kevin has been getting more and more popular and it will be to her advantage when their series airs.

Aimee Chan

Honestly, I think the only reason TVB is promoting her to a front-line fadan is because she's dating Moses and they want to make it seem like one of their top stars is dating another top star. TVB made a lot of money from the Bernice/Moses pairing and they probably want to do the same with this. She's cute and does okay in small supporting roles but her enunciation is pretty bad and her acting is not so good either.
Coming up: big roles in Psychological Warfare, ATF, and Ladder to Heaven

Sharon Chan

She's played a bunch of supporting roles and she finally gained attention for her role in Ghetto Justice. Because of this, it looks like TVB is finally giving her a lead role in Schemes of East and West along with Fala Chen.
Coming up: her first lead role

Natalie Tong

She won the Most Improved Award last year and has been getting a lot of 2nd female lead roles now. I always think of her as really young because I'm used to seeing her in roles as someone's sister, but did you know that she's now 30?
Coming up: Boxing King and a role in King's Makers

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