Apple Daily TVB Awards Poll

Apple Daily took a small poll on the favorites to win this year's TVB awards and Myolie Wu and Kevin Cheng won their categories for TVB king and queen for their roles on Ghetto Justice. The rest of the order for the guys is Kenneth Ma, Bosco Wong, Raymond Lam, and then Michael Tse. For the females, Linda Chung takes 2nd place with only half of Myolie's votes and I don't think anyone else comes close to these 2.

What's interesting is that they were both criticized in 2006. People thought that Kevin unfairly got the TVB Actor award while Myolie's performance in War and Destiny got a lot of negative feedback. Their luck has now changed with the audience on their side and they would probably be happy if they were crowned king and queen.

I agree with these results and would be very happy if this happens.

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