Forensic Heroes 3 (Episodes 1-5 Thoughts)

When I first heard that they were going to make a Forensic Heroes series without Bobby AuYeung, I didn't really mind since Wayne Lai is one of my favorite actors. I would read complaints on how much it was going to suck since they weren't going to use the old cast. I didn't think it was that big of a deal since one of my favorite series is Detective Investigations 4 and it was a totally different story than the first 3 installments. Also, I was afraid that they would kill off Yoyo if they were to make a part 3 like how they killed off Linda's character!

Anyways, I was hoping that I could enjoy this series on its own, but as I was watching it, I couldn't help but miss the old cast! The introduction of the characters was just so boring. They're all shown within the first few minutes and they are all friends already, which would be realistic, but since this is a show, it makes for a very blah beginning. It makes me not care so much about their relationships since I don't see how any of it is developed. The structure of the show is the same with all the cases but the forensic specialists seem to be more involved know-it-alls while the cops seem a little dumb. I guess they wanted to show that the forensic people are the brains while cops are the brawn?

Here are some more gripes I have so far (SPOILERS)
  • Kate ripping the earbuds away from Cilla Kung in the interrogation room. That seems like it's crossing a boundary considering that she was not exactly a suspect.
  • Why are all the cops so young? Also, I would think a madam would be more authoritative?
  • The use of all those tablets are a little distracting. I just didn't realize that the police dept has that big of a budget.
  • I feel that either Wayne or Maggie should have been a cop while Ron or Kate should be a forensic specialist. Actually, I don't think the cast as a whole has that much chemistry right now.
I know I have a lot of complaints but it is getting a little more interesting now that we see Nancy Wu appear. I hope the show gets better and I get less irritated watching it. haha


bana said...

cilla kung is my favourite character and now she is my fav tvb actress lol go cilla! :D

AC said...

Hi Bana! Cilla did a good job portraying her character in this series. :)

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