(Why I Love) Michael Tse

Michael Tse is one of my favorite male actors in TVB. I think he is also one of the best actors they have and he has incredible range in the type of roles he plays. He is convincing in everything from a nerdy father to a gang member.

The first role that I remember seeing him in is La Femme Desperado. When he first appeared on screen, I hated his character. Who was this weird looking guy cheating on Melissa Ng? Then something weird happened- by the end of the movie, he was my favorite character! He had some many layers to his performance because he was able to show his mean streak, his sensitive side, and his caring side easily in such a believable way. Through his actions and emotions, he was able to portray why his character is the way he is and you begin to sympathize more for him. I think one of my favorite things about him was how he loved his daughter unconditionally even though he thought that she was not his own. Without his great acting skills, I don't think I would have changed my mind about the character in the end. I love Raymond Lam, but Michael stole the show. It's no wonder that he soon had leading or 2nd lead roles after this series.

I think Michael is able to play a variety of roles because he's a chameleon- a simple haircut can make him look quite handsome while putting on buck teeth in Legal Entanglement makes him a believable nerdy lawyer. His look is also very ambigious since he can play good and evil. I think he's also a good asset to TVB since they don't seem to have as many (good) male actors since the number of female actresses greatly outnumber them. He has great chemistry with both veterans such as Sheren Teng and younger fadans such as Linda Chung. I even went out to a rental store to buy Virtues of Harmony, since I heard good things about the series and it was also a good chance for me to see his performances in those hundreds of episodes! I love his love triangle with Bondy Chiu and Cutie Miu. (By the way, I wish Bondy comes back to TVB and do some acting! In the meantime, you can support her by buying her new cd called Ting!)

He is currently in E.U. which i think is great for him because this is a more popular series and I think this is a good way for him to get more exposure. I think he's greatly underrated since I think that if he was a bigger "name", he would have won Best Actor for his role in La Femme Desperado. Damn TVB politics! =) Anyways, the ratings are off to a slow start but this is a great series and I'm sure the positive reviews will bring the viewers in. He gained a lot of popularity by winning Strictly Come Dancing, but TVB rarely gives him any big roles in any grand productions. That's why I was excited to see him in E.U. since he's already a scene stealer in this series as well!

As a person, he seems like such a cool guy. In all these clips I see of him, he's always kidding around and making people laugh. I think my favorite episodes of Super Supreme Trio includes him because I like the way Eric Tsang makes fun of him.

Favorite Modern Character: Man in La Femme Desperado
Favorite Ancient Character: Kam Yuet in Virtues of Harmony
Favorite Modern Love Chemistry: Sheren Teng in La Femme Desperado
Favorite Ancient Love Chemistry: I actually liked him with Charmaine Sheh in Word Twisters' Adventure
Michael with Bondy or Cutie? I liked him with Cutie more even though I liked him and Bondy too.

I love Michael Tse!


Anonymous said...

the very first time i saw michael was in VOH, the ancient version and i just thought he was the funniest character because he was always torn between his two wives, and he's just a big coward, but at the same time very loving because he never wants to hurt the other wife. i think he is an awesome actor, the only series that i didn't like him in was word's twister adventure because to be honest, he looked perverted and sorta psychotic with his mysterious attitude and weird goatee/mustache thing lol, i'm currently only on the second episode of EU, and i'm already in love with it, michael does such an awesome job as a gang member, i think he's very suitable for these type of roles, much better than his role in money maker when he played a cowardly father dealing with stocks lol.

oh yeah, btw, i also like him better with Cutie in VOH 1 & 2 :D

AC said...

Yes! He did look very perverted in Word Twister's Adventure! haha.. same with the ancient series he was in with Bernice and Sunny (or maybe just creepy since his character was strange). I like him in the younger roles as well but i think he gets cast in the older roles since tvb doesn't have that many "name" older actors that would look good pairing up with older actresses.

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