Also known as part 3 of The Acadamy, E.U. stands for Emergency Unit. I am super excited for this series! I really liked the first 2 parts of the series and this one looks even better! Just from watching the little clips and opening sequence so far, it looks like the males will steal the show. I hope this is a breakthrough for both Sammul Chan and Ron Ng because it looks like their acting has improved over time and I hope they get recognized for it. The person that looks like a scene stealer is Michael Tse though since his role looks very interesting (and he's a great actor!). I'm a little dissapointed in the younger female leads since I was kinda hoping for some biggern names but hopefully their acting doesn't suck.

By the way, Sammul and Ron both look really good in this series!


Lee said...

I wonder why the producer keeps sticking singers in the series. I think Ron looks better than Sammul (probably because of his hairstyle LOL I'm wierd, I check out guys according to their hairstyle 0.0

AC said...

I think the last modern series I saw Sammul in was Survivor's Law 2 where his hair was super big so this is a major improvement. =) I don't know why he keeps putting singers, especially Elanne since I hear there's already a lot of negative publicity around her. I'm kinda hoping for a 4th part where Tavia comes back!

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