5 Breakout Stars of 2013

2013 was a crazy year for Hong Kong television, but here are 5 stars who I think have made a major breakthrough. This list consists of both newcomers and people who have been in the industry a long time but might have made a bigger jump in their career in 2013.

1. Chilam Cheung
Chilam has been in the industry for over 20 years and have had many successful songs and was also a big hit in a lot of the TVB series he participated in. He had another big breakthrough in 2013 when he portrayed Captain Cool in Triumph in the Skies II which led to a big boost in popularity, a new record deal, more acting opportunities, and an estimated $83 million which includes his many public appearances. He also won many awards such as the Best Actor in Malaysia and My Favorite Male character at the TVB awards. He is also planning to hold a concert at the HK coliseum in 2014. 

Other 4 stars who had a big year...

2. Fred Cheng
Although Fred entered the industry 10 years ago, barely anyone knew his name until he competed in The Voice of Stars. He became an overnight sensation and gained fans and many money-making public appearances during his 4 months of competition. He won with over 65% of the public votes and signed a record deal with an album to be released in May/June. He sang his first themesong with Kristal Tin and he is continuing to make money through public appearances and advertisements. He is currently filming a series with Joey Meng and Johnson Li.

3. Kristal Tin
Speaking of Kristal, this was her breakout year with her role in Brother's Keeper. She switched from ATV to TVB in 2006 and became a lead actress in 2010 but her popularity did not jump until this year. She won her fellow actors, backstage crew, and the public votes to become the TVB Queen this year. She will release her covers album in March to realize her dream to become a singer.

4. May Chan "Siu Po"
May is a newcomer and is known as "Sai Sai Lup" because of her character in Inbound Troubles. She continued to garner praise for her comedic skills in Bounty Lady and can now be seen in Coffee Cat Mama. She has several series to be aired including Glided Chopsticks in February, The Middle Person, and the sequel to Inbound Troubles. Even though Hong Kong is know for its super skinny stars, Sai Sai Lup has become a household name due to her figure and loveable personality. 

5. Bob Lam
Bob is a radio DJ who had a breakthrough acting year due to his role in Inbound Troubles and the perverted Ma Ming in Bounty Lady. Due to his comedic skills, he became popular and was offered many hosting jobs for weddings, promotions, tv and radio programs, etc. earning him a reported $10 million. He was also wanted in advertisements and can be seen on billboards and television commercials. He will not be slowing down in 2014 where he can be seen in Glided Chopsticks as well as various hosting jobs at TVB. 

This is just who I think made a major breakthrough in 2013. Is there anyone you would add to this list? 


Anonymous said...

Tracy Chu?

AC said...

Although Tracy had a big role in On Call 2, she didn't really break out like how Eliza Sam did in her first big role. I think it's partly because On Call 2 didn't have much buzz or high ratings.

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