Congratulations Fred Cheng!

First, I want to say congratulations to Fred Cheng on winning The Voice of Stars! It was a very well deserved win and he had many fantastic vocals and performances on the show. I've been a fan of his since I saw him on Shine on You and Love Bond and I knew that he was a good singer and guitar player since I saw a few youtube videos of him performing at a wedding. Though I knew he was talented, I didn't really expect him to blow up because he would get really small roles in series- not really even big enough to be considered a supporting actor. He was actually in Triumph in the Skies 2, but he only had about 2 scenes. When I saw his name for the first episode of The Voice of Stars, I knew that more people would know of him because of his voice, but I was pleasantly surprised when his popularity skyrocketed! He reminds me of a shyer Oscar Leung (who I also really like) who worked hard for 10 years before blowing up. I think that's why Oscar was rooting so hard for Fred- they were friends who started out at the same time and had the same career trajectory.

Anyways, here's Fred singing his last song before being announced as winner. I can only find audio since I'm sure any videos were taken down. He did a great job.

Next up for Fred? He is currently filming Midas Touch with Bosco Wong, Nancy Wu, Kate Tsui, and Sharon Chan. He also filmed a series presentation clip for Eye in the Sky in which he will portray a cop. We will also be hearing new music from him very soon since he will sing the theme song of The Verbal Side of Court with Kristal Tin. This is the Roger Kwok/Kristal Tin series that will be airing in December. Hopefully, we will be hearing news of a record deal very soon!

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